Sarah Dinenage

Committed to helping those in need

Covid-19: Following recent government guidlines and the BACP I am able to offer face to face, telephone as well as Skype counselling sessions.
Are you facing issues or difficulties in your life?
Are you troubled by something in the past or present?
Are you struggling with your mental health?
Are you suffering from domestic violence or abuse?
Do you need to re-build your confidence and self-esteem?
Do you need help going forward with your life?
You don't have to cope alone.
Sarah Dinenage


I am a fully-qualified, experienced and professional psychodynamic counsellor.

Psychodynamic counselling is a well-established and evidence-based “talking therapy” – which is to say that it involves talking in confidence with a professional person, who is outside of your immediate situation and that focusses on the unconscious (what’s beneath the surface) and patterns of behaviour.

Counselling is an opportunity to explore issues or difficulties you are experiencing in a confidential and safe environment. You may be troubled by something in the past or present and the way you feel may interfere with your everyday life and relationships.

People access counselling for a whole range of issues and it can help resolve traumatic past or current events, mental health struggles, psychosomatic aliments and help you see through difficult situations. It can help you to re-build resilience, confidence and self-esteem to help you to feel better about yourself, your situation and to empower you going forward in life.

It can help you understand yourself better and bring unresolved issues to the surface that in everyday life we find ways of repressing ‘burying under the carpet’ in order to keep going, identify recurring patterns of behaviour we fall into time and time and again and explore what’s behind it, what drives It and what keeps it going. It can’t change what has happened but can help your life and future going forward to be less impacted, and may well assist you in living more functionally and effectively.

As the trust and relationship between you and your therapist grows, these are areas that will be worked on together. The journey forward begins with that first step and that first step is often the hardest of all, but it’s a journey you and I can take together.

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